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Try Before You Buy Membership

Posted: 10/15/2010 5:17:24 PM

Try Before You Buy! Registration Details For Try Before You Buy Registration on the UKI web page:  After registering your handler and dog details, when prompted to go to check out, please log out without paying for your registration and send an email to info@ukagilityinternational.comto inform us that you are doing a TBYB.  You can then log back into your account and click on the Enter A Show on the left side of the screen in the Red Menu.   For all shows in 2011 UKI is introducing Try Before You Buy (TBYB) registration option that has been in operation in the UK for UK Agility. This will allow a new UKI competitor to enter their first UKI trial and pay for that Entry either online or by sending a check.  After the first UKI trial, payment for registration will be due 7 working days after that trial.  Once payment is received, registration documents, including rule and record books will be sent.  The competitor must first create an account, through the UKI web page (or by paper registration) and must notify UKI by emailing info@ukagilityinternational.comof their wish to do a TBYB. This means they will not have to pay immediately for their membership with UKI, or at all, should they decide not to enter any other shows and do not want to keep any points they earned towards their titles.  We hope you will see the benefits in becoming a full UKI member!:  Easy online entry & online payment systemFree online account to keep track of level points -  Free rule and record booksNew & exciting course challenges Relaxed & friendly show environments - Turn any competition run into a training run with a toy! -  No up contacts judged Fairer jump height splits -  Competitor feedback encouragedHeats and National Competitions coming in the near future for all Levels and Classes such as Master Series, Beginner & Novice International Challenge, Games Final,  Beginners Speed Stakes Challenge, UKI National Finals. -  UKI Competitors results will apply towards the 2012 World Agility Open Championships.    If the TBYB is submitted using paper registration, instead of through online registration, the UKI office will create an account. When registration is due, the amount will be charged at the higher paper registration fee ($15 handler membership and $15 dog membership). An online account cannot then be created later by the competitor for the discounted online fee. Therefore, it is in the competitor’s best interest to create an ONLINE account in the first place so when the competitor decides to keep their membership.