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How to Enter a Trial held in the US

You and your dog must first be a registered UKI member before you may Enter A Show (Trial).
Please go to Register a new Handler if you are not.

  • You do not need to pay for your registration immediately if you would like to first continue onto the show entry.
  • Click Enter a Show on the Left hand side menu under the heading Members.
  • The Show Diary Page will appear which lists the available shows and their pertinent information. To enter a particular show click on the blue Enter Show under the Actions Title.
  • If you’d prefer to download the Premium/Schedule & Entry form to pay by check or for a hard copy, click on Documents. (This action will also have the Ring Plan, Confimation Letter and all competitor running orders once the show has been processed.)
  • Once you click on the Enter Show, the Enter Show page will appear. Please read through the steps and follow the directions that are on the screen. Please note any Important Notes about the Show which if there are any will be displayed right under this heading in red.

Step 1 Select tick box if you would like your running orders mailed to you, otherwise you can retrieve them online.
Step 2 Please click you are available to volunteer!!! Shows just cannot run efficiently without enough help. Thank you!
Step 3 Select if camping and select the correct package or nights

  • Choose one of the following button options at the bottom:
  • Complete Entry for those who are just paying for camping or want to put down to help but are not running a dog.
  • Go To Checkout to Pay if you have anything to pay or have come back to this screen to check your details are correct.
  • Cancel My Entire Entry for this Show. This can only be done before the show has closed. Once the show has closed, no cancellations can be made.
  • Enter Dog to continue onto entering classes with each dog you have registered.
  • Read the info on the My Entry page
  • Click the Start button
  • Step 1 Select dog from the drop down button
  • Step 2 Click on what types of Classes/Jump Heights. The Regular Jump height is automatically selected. If you want your dog to run the ‘Select’ Option, or Nursery you must change this. Your chosen jump heights will show. The only available jump heights for your dog’s height will show for both the international and SpeedStakes in the drop down button.
  • Click the Next button or Prev (to go back to previous page)
    Note: the (s) after jump height means you opted for the Select Jump Option
  • The options for class entries will appear and will all be selected for all available show days that have not yet reached the capping level. If the capping level has been reached, only the days that have not reached that limit will show.
  • If you do not wish to compete in all available classes, please de-select them by clicking on the check mark under the Enter column. When finished, click the Next button
  • For your entry to be accepted, you must first read the terms and conditions (you can do this by clicking on the blue terms and conditions) and then click in the tick box. The Save Entry button will be activated.
  • Click Save Entry button. Entry Complete screen gives you 2 options. Either click Enter Another Dog, or go to Check Out to Pay
    When you go to Checkout, please read the info and read the Refund Policy from this screen before continuing on.

    Your balance will show in either US Dollars or Canadian Dollars.
    You then have 3 options to pay
    Credit Card, Check / Money Order, or Pay Pal.

    Print this page