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The International Program

The International Program consists of agility, jumping and games classes. The Program allows dogs to progress through the levels by gathering the required number of points in the aforementioned classes.

  • Beginners to Novice requires 12 points the equivalent of 3 clear rounds 2 of these from agility.
  • Novice to Senior requires 20 points the equivalent of  5 clear rounds, 3 of these from agility, 1 from jumping, 1 from any of the games classes.
  • Senior to Champ requires 36 points the equivalent of 9 clear rounds, 3 of these from agility, 3 from jumping, 3 from any of the games.

Any clear rounds in the Masters Series Heat Agility or Jumping class will count towards level progression points in the level the dog is currently working at.

If the Select Jump Height is opted for, the above points are still required and the dog is awarded the same titles with the addition of a (s) added to the Title. ie BIDs