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How to Register handlers and dogs in the Canada

To Register a New Handler & Dog in Canada, you will need to pay in US Dollars by either Pay Pal or Credit Card, (only US Bank checks with USD will be accepted.)

  • Click Registration Form next to the Members Login under the UKI logo & banner on the front page in the upper left hand corner.
  • Read the Member Registration information on this page.
  • Click continue button
  • Read the information on the Member Registration and click continue button.
  • If the handler is a junior handler (under age 16, please click the box) Date of birth will be required. Junior handler registration is free but you must contact the UKI office for this reimbursement.
  • Fill in all information that has a red asterisk next to it and click Register Now button.
  • Confirm your details are correct, if not hit the Amend Details button to go back to the previous screen.
  • If they are correct, hit the Create Account button.
  • You may now either end with just a Handler Registration by clicking on the Checkout button
  • Or, you can move onto Dog Registration by clicking on the Register a Dog button.
  • Once you click this button you will be directed to Dog registration and will notice your account balance on the blue bar under the UKI logo.
  • Read the info on the Welcome to Dog Registration page then hit the Continue button
  • Fill in ALL the dog details below. Click on the Blue question marks for information pertaining to each field.
  • Click the Register Dog button
  • Confirm your dogs details on the Details Confirmation page. If they are incorrect hit the Back button. If they are correct click the Register Dog Button.
  • Please note, once you click the Register Dog button, you will not be able to edit your dog’s details. You will have to contact the UKI office to do this.
  • You will then be asked to Checkout or Register another Dog
  • Once you are complete with your registrations you may also Enter A Show (Trial) You do not need to pay for your registration immediately if you would like to first continue onto the show entry.

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