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UKI US Open Jacksonville Equestrian Center, FL Nov 8+11, 2018 

 Games Challenge, Speedstakes Challenge, Agility Biathlon & UKI National Championship Round 1, Last Chance Master’s Heat: Do not require any prequalification to enter.

All qualifying scores for Byes must be gained at a USA UKI trial.

Qualifying Bye period – Oct 3, 2017 through Oct 2, 2018

Qualifying scores must be gained in the height you will run at the US Open

The same dog and handler team that gains the scores below can only run the events at the Open

·       UKI Masters Series Final: Individual Winners of the Masters Series Agility & Jumping classes or 1st & 2nd Overall qualify for the Final to be held at the USA Open (see Masters rues in the Premium for details). If you do not qualify at a local US Masters Heat, there will be a last chance heat at the UKI US Open 2016. US UKI Masters Final qualifications must be obtained a a UKI trial only in the US.

·       UKI National Championship Final class Bye qualification for Rd 2: Five (5) Agility clear rounds and Five (5) Jumping clear rounds & 2 of these results must be obtained on the same day (1agility and 1 jumping). Two (2) Games class qualifying scores (Snooker, Gamblers, Snakes & Ladders, Power & Speed) and Two (2) Speedstakes clear rounds. Clear rounds have no time or course faults and can be obtained from current level dog is working at (not available for Nursery) including Masters Heat classes in either Canada or USA..  If you do not receive a bye into Rd 2, you may still enter Rd1 without prequalification.

UKI USA CUP OVERALL WINNERS: Each jump height will produce the best scoring dog from the overall results for the following events of Agility Biathlon, Masters Heat, Games Challenge & Speedstakes Challenge at each UKI USA Cup. The Winner will be granted an automatic spot in the 2018 National Championship Final and automatic entry into the Masters Final at the UKI US Open 2018.·       UKI USA CUP OVERALL RESERVE: (the 2nd place dog in each jump height) will receive an automatic Bye into RD 2 of the UKI National Championship class

This link will download a tracker for your Bye Q's as you will need this information when you enter the Open. /ImageUploads/2018 Qs US Open.pdf

Please scroll to bottom of page to read general rules for USA Cup Overall tabulation.

·      WAO tryout: To tryout for the 2019 WAO team, you must run the Open events at the WAO height you will be trying out for.                

WAO Jump Height Name

WAO Dog’s Height at Withers

UKI Jump Height at Which Dog Must Compete at UKI Open


12.60 inches & under

12 inches


16.14 inches & under

16 inches


19.69 inches & under

20 inches ***



24 inches



UKI Jump Height

Jump Height

Dog’s Height

A-frame Height

8 inches

11” & under


12 inches

14” & under


16 inches

17.5” & under


20 inches

22 & under


22 inches



24 inches



Nursery & Select




All 4 Cup events: Agility Biathlon, Games Challenge, Masters Heat & Speedstakes Challenge must be entered; running all classes for competition to be eligible for the Cup’s Overall Winner result.

The tabulation for the Overall Cup will be based upon the number of dogs entered within each jump height in each event. The winner of the event  (i.e. Speedstakes Challenge) will receive the highest points which is equal to the total number entered in that jump height. Example: If 12 dogs are entered in the 22 inch height in the Speedstakes Challenge then the winner will receive 12 points, 2nd place 11, 3rd place 10 and so on. All dogs entered will receive the points based upon their ranking, even if they are not eligible for the Overall awards.

·       Only one handler may compete with the dog throughout the entire event to be eligible for the Cup’s Overall Winner tabulation. 

·       A no-show in either class will result in disqualification from that competition, including awards and entry into the Cup’s Overall Winner result. 

·       Double Eliminations for each competition will not be placed in that event and will score 0 for the Cup’s Overall Winner tabulation. 

·       If a dog obtains a double elimination in TWO events, they are no longer eligible for the Cup’s Overall tabulation.

·       In the event of a tie for the Cups Overall Winner, the Masters Series Heat placement will be the deciding factor and if necessary, followed by the Agility Biathlon. 

  •  If interested in trying out for the WAO Team USA spots, then you must run in the correct height for the tryout.