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About UK Agility International

Greg and LauraUK Agility International is run by Greg and Laura Derrett. Greg and Laura founded UK Agility in England in 2004.  UK Agility has grown from strength to strength and has thousands of members in Great Britain. The number of shows held under UK Agility rules is growing each year with trials being held nearly every weekend throughout the UK. Now we are bringing it to North America in the form of UK Agility International!

Our Mission Statement: To provide agility dog competitions that are designed with all competitors in mind; enabling all dogs to achieve a level of success, while promoting high standards in competing, training and judging of agility dogs.

UK Agility International (UKI) has been developed to promote the growth of agility with the thought of safety and fun for every dog. In addition, UKI encourages the advancement in training using reward based training methods. This not only helps to foster a better pet and handler connection, but also supports the atmosphere of a relaxed and friendly environment for dogs, family and spectators.

Greg & Detox FCI 2010Not only are we internationally recognised competitors and renowned trainers, we also have many years experience running agility trials. As competitors we understand the need for quality trials, matches & events that encourage excellence in competition. As instructors we understand the need for trials to cator for all levels of dogs and all types of agility competitors. As trial managers, we know what is needed from an administrative point of view to be provided by an organization.  We have used all the aspects of competitor, trainer, trial manager and Directors of an agility organization to meet the competitor needs, and with this strong understanding, to design the ultimate in agility competition and trial management.

UKI has been created due to the demand in requests from the North American agility population for another option in agility competition. Our goal is to provide an umbrella under which individuals can run trials and matches throughout North America which will  maintain the standard of agility set forth in our regulations.

As an organization, we care about keeping our competitors happy and therefore are receptive to input and feedback from our customers. To contact us please click here.

Interested in running an Event?

As an Organization, we have a comprehensive trial management pack which covers all the support UKI will give during, before and after your trial.

Please click here to request information on running a match or trial.